Greetings from Rocky Mountain West. My name is Michael Alan Cox. Most people call me Mike. Burro Creek Media is the name under which I operate. I am a media generalist with many years of experience  and success in Radio, TV, Newspapers, Magazines and Digital Media. I also did some live theater work way back when.


The name I use refers to a real creek, with real running water, a rarity in western Arizona.  There really are burros to be found, there is water year around, and the scenery is spectacular.


The name became a benchmark because I was rewriting the final scenes for "The Last Cowboy" and the idea for the new finish, my agent had asked for,  came to me while I was driving up Highway 93 and crossing the great silver bridge that spans the canyon and Burro Creek 200 feet below. (Incidentally, I have discovered that there is a Burro Creek here in Montrose County.  It is up on the western side of the Uncompahgre Plateau.)


Burro Creek Media is my custom media operation offering expertise in video production, photography, digital signage, script research and writing, and digital book and magazine production. We like to specialize in Restaurants and  Bars, Golf, and Travel.


My clients over the past few years included GOLF MAGAZNE, Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery, American Golf Corporation, Communications Links (Co-Founder), Screenbrokers, PGA, and others.


I have written five screenplays and had two of those optioned.  In helping to build the Tilted Kilt Brand, I wrote and produced hundreds of training and marketing videos and developed a propriatary TV network as well as digital magazine. I also have seven books to my credit.


My travels have taken me to 23 countries and 49 states -- I missed Rhode Island when I made a wrong turn in Connecticut.


 Spend a little time on the site and look for us on our Facebook and Linked-In sites as well.  I hope we'll meet someday on a great project