What BCM Does

I love to tell stories.  But the idea that a story I tell can take any of number of communication forms totally fascinates me. The written word and/or the graphic representation of those words are what my life has  been all about. Helping people transport their messages to others on a small or large scale is my passion.  That is so much so, that if I stopped "working" I would still do what I do for the sheer fun, excitement, and satisfaction of it.


Under everything is the writing.

From the blockbuster motion picture down to that pop-up ad on the website you're trying to read, writing is where it all begins. The words come right after the idea spark that ignites the creative process.


     Sometimes the project is only words, a blog, a newspaper story or the quintessential literary masterpiece.  Other times the words are the foundation for a movie or a slide/narrative presentation.


     Even silent movies were screenplays at birth. Without the  well executed written map no communication effort is going to produce the results expected.


     To that end I am, first, a writer. I have written everything from Corporate CEO speeches to drama-filled screenplays, and from 15-second radio commercials to videos that taught bartenders how to mix special drinks.  I have written hundreds of articles for organs such as GOLF Magazine and many daily papers.  I wrote and published Golf For Travel Agents, which became the training manual for The American Society of Travel Agents.


     If you have a message, I can craft it to be delivered through whatever medium you wish to use.  I can deliver a rough draft  or a final package properly formatted for the desired channel.


     The process begins with a  meeting and spoken words.  You tell me what you want to do and I will suggest the solutions.  If you like what yo hear, then we'll create.

Things We Do


A/V project consulting

Script Writing and Development

A/V for Meeting Presentations

News Release Writing

News Release Videos and Photos

Corporate Training Videos

Stock Video and Stills

Motion Graphics

Digital Signage Content

Digital Magazines and Books


Maintaining video archives allows that annual  meeting a kick start that cuts those boring speeches to a minimum.

Sound and Pictures

Sometimes show and tell  is best

     The rule in audio visual media is, "Don't Tell, Show."  If all you want to do is put a talking head on the screen and have them drone on about whatever,  just call it in. Unless you're presenter is Anthony Hopkins or Dame Judith, you won't accomplish anything other than boring your audience to tears or worse.


     In screen writing school they drill a hole in your head and pour in the words "show, don't tell" in all the known languages of the universe.  It's crude but effective.


     When I shoot a training video I will spend time looking for the right visual for a scene or a training point rather than writing out the instructions. The less time the presenter spends on the screen the better.  I love voice overs -- the viewer gets a double shot of the training juice. We know they will retain more as well.


     There is another caveat in corporate Audio/Visual, "Don't Read The  Slides."


     You give me a project with a speaker talking over a slide presentation and there won't be slides to read, there will be slides  that illustrate and reinforce his or her words.


     When BCM creates a training  or a marketing video we'll shoot fresh, properly planned footage and we'll  pull from our huge library of  properly licensed stock footage, images, and music and original creativity to provide a product that definitely shows AND tells.