What BCM Does

We communicate With words and pictures.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics (MGs) are the heart of a good digital sign display. These are eye catching and designed to draw attention to your screens. These graphics create calls to action, matching the look and feel to the demographic targets. You can add custom MG spots to your digital sign systems for as little as $75 per clip.  (see samples)

Video Production/Editing

Video is a key component to modern marketing  communication. We now have two generations keyed to video.  BCM provides complete video production services. Every production is scripted to your approval to insure accuracy and cost-efficient production methods. (see samples)

Scripting The underpinning of any production is the script. Whether a Power Point presentation or a marketing video, the most efficient way to arrive at a great production is to completely map it with a well constructed script. The consulting time spent on developing a script pays huge dividends in more cost-efficient and accurate production time.
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Digital Signage is the best tool by which you can enhance your relationship with people already in your establishment. Once someone is in your business, making their visit more enjoyable and giving them a reason to come back is a job for digital signage. Digital menus, custom entertainment screens, or well-presented promotional material gives you a marketing edge. Now, with Burro Creek Media’s (BCM) state-of-the-art digital sign systems, you can be up and running in no time and with less cost. Here are some packages we offer to prove that point.

MOM & POP Start Up $495 + $35/month

DIY management system includes:

  • 1 media player
  • Software rights for one screen
  • Your personal desktop control panel
  • Basic Design and Branding
  • Five screen templates based on your needs.
  • 2-Hours install, setup and training
  • Does not include monitor

Enterprise Special - $995 - $110/month

DIY management system includes:

  • 3 media players
  • Software rights for three screens
  • Your personal desktop control panel
  • Complete custom design and branding
  • 15 screen templates based on your needs
  • 4-Hours install, setup and training
  • Does not include monitors

Managed Content  Network - $2495 - $450/month

Managed system Includes:

  • Up to four media players
  • Software rights for each screen
  • Complete custom design and branding
  • Content production and management (motion graphics, menus, branding, more)
  • 6-Hours install, setup and training
  • Doe snot include monitors


Emergency, One Time Special Event Package - $395 + $35 per screen

Managed system Includes:

  • Software rights
  • Power Point templates for content
  • Setup and programing
  • Two weeks operation
  • Doe snot include monitors