Hoppy Times

Hoppy Times came about because a guy running a craft brew pub with

40 tap heads that changed regularly asked me about a throwaway beer menu.  He wanted it to be educational, funny, and informative when it came to letting his guests know what was on tap at any given time.

What those thoughts, I came up with the Hoppy Times. It was a labor of love. And it is now available for any brew pub or other concept that specializes in beer.

We produce a new issue of Hoppy Times every quarter. It is six pages with the outer four being all about beer and beer humor.  The center two pages are dedicated to the local pub and its beer lineup and other offerings. (See a sample issue here.)


We print the Hoppy Times on old fashioned news print paper.  That keeps cost down and it looks like an actual newspaper you might find in an old English or Irish pub.


You would be surprised to learn how in expensive and fun your disposable beer menu can be.  Send us a text at 602-703-2476 or an email at mcox@burrocreekmedia.com