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     The first in my series of Golf Short story books. This is a collection of nine short stories spawned by my golf life.


    In Golf Shorts, you will see both Thalia and Melpomene, sometimes at the same instant. Most people are way too serious about their golf. At the same time a lot of funny things happen in golf.


     What you won’t see here are people you have ever heard of, except in passing reference to set a scene. My characters are regular folks who love the game and who find themselves in some pretty strange circumstances, trying to do some pretty weird stuff. Sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it is gut wrenching.


     The book will be available on Kindle in July.  Click Here For The Kindle Page

Now Available On Kindle

Other BCM Screen Plays Coming Soon.


Holliday, Earp & Goldfarb

     Here's a spoof based on the movie "Tombstone."  Wyatt Earp meets Marty Mcfly in a comedy romp through the famous shootout, with Sally Goldfarb completely changing the history of the old west after she and hubby, Doctor Marshall Goldfarb, get blasted back in time to 1881, where things are not exactly like they were in the movies or reality.


Mama's Chandelier

     Ellie and her fiancée, Uwi, living in the communist controlled East Berlin of post WW2, get separated for nearly 30 years when her mother's love of a priceless antique lamp causes problems with their escape in the days prior to the raising of the Berlin Wall.  An ingenious plan to get the lamp out as well falls short forcing Uwi to risk returning for a missing part.  A gritty look at East Germany and a warm family story.

   The Last Cowboy was the second screenplay I ever wrote.  It came after "Salad Wars," my first and least known work. It deals with subject matter with which I am intimately familiar and with which I have considerable experience. 
     The matter of eliminating ranching on Federal Lands was tested by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) back in the 70s in a series of events, one of which took place in Mohave County Arizona. I was the editor of the Kingman Daily Miner, the newspaper of record in Mohave County.  The Miner and the community supported the ranchers.  The science was on the ranchers side, the politics were on the other.

     In essence we earned a retreat by the BLM after exposing many mis-truths.  But, we knew they would be back someday.  Of course, events in the 2014 and 2015 proved that. The Cliven Bundy incident and the stand off in Oregon that left a man dead in the snow, were sorrowful reminders that the greatest percentage of people in the world have no idea what allotment ranching is all about and how much land the federal government controls in the Western US.  There is so much disinformation disseminated by the eco-terrorists groups, the ill-informed and misguided media, and the government that the families who ranch in the west have little left to them for their stewardship of the land for the past 150 years.
     The "Last Cowboy" is a simple story of a man wronged not only by the forces named above, but by a wayward son seeking revenge.  The setting is northwestern Arizona. The people are not real, there are no composites.  There was a Cane Springs outfit (in fact there were two of them). 
     The screenplay got me quite a bit of attention. My screen-brokers and agents Bonnie Sanders and Alan Ross got the script into the hands of enough people to allow the work to be optioned three times.  We were never able to get the green light on production.

      I wrote the Jack McLeod voice somewhere between Paul Newman and Clint Eastwood, both of whom read the script but passed.  Eastwood, who told his assistant that he did like the story, had just completed Forgiven and was moving on from the west-related genre.  I cannot say that I would blame him after his intense work on that gritty, but brilliant, western. 
      We were shopping the script around and one morning my wife heard Burt Reynolds say on GMA that he wanted to do one more western.  Alan jumped on it and caught up with Burt in Florida.  We overnighted a script and Reynolds called the next day to say he was in and then signed a letter of intent.  Unfortunately, by that time, Burt was well below “A” list and we couldn’t get a producer to climb on. Thanks for trying Burt.

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